They thought they had you.  Thought you were done, giving up, maybe even dead.  But what they didn’t know was that you had a spirit so strong that nothing could break you.  Your mental prowess has proven over and over again, that you can survive.

Real talk.  So tell me…why are YOU still entertaining the idea that they might be right?  Stop it.  Let’s have a conversation, now.

Don’t you realize that there is a strength in you that is greater than you can imagine?  The holiness in you will NOT let you give up.  Yes, you’re physically tired, overworked, mentally drained, and sometimes delirious with all the demands.  But your spirit.  Your spirit is connected to something so strong that your inner being can’t deny it.  Stop fighting yourself.  Believe that you can create a path to follow your dreams.  Believe that you deserve that peace you wish for.  Believe that you will receive it.  Believe in you.

When you do this and do it with intention, THEN, others will believe it to.  So, follow your passion, live in your truth, and SHINE.  Blessings moving forward.  Claim it.

Fly Butterfly Fly.

Tammy von Nordheim, Founder, Girl in the Glass, LLC.

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