Many of us walk through life wearing a mask and rarely sharing our true self with the world. Life is too short to live it according to someone else’s ideals and expectations. The only way to experience pure, sustained joy is to live your best life, on your terms.

I spent years doing what others thought I should be doing before making the conscious choice to make my dreams my reality. Since making that choice I have blossomed and you can, too.

I know… it’s easier said than done. We’re raised to be nurturers and caretakers, and we often neglect to nurture and care for ourselves. We pride ourselves on multi-tasking and spend most days on auto pilot: completing the next task, getting to the next place, and finding newer, easier, and quicker ways to please everyone around us.

That’s not living.

That’s existing.

I created Girl in the Glass to inspire the strength within us and empower us to put ourselves first… without apology. This is our forum to uplift each other and rejoice in knowing we are uniquely beautiful and perfectly imperfect, just the way we are!

Peace and blessings, love and light to each of you. Be empowered and shine!