“We NEED events like this!  THANK YOU Tammy for creating a place for women to be positive without reservation.”

“I had such a great week after attending the GIRL IN THE GLASS”!  It was as if a huge burden had been lifted!”

“When is the next one, ‘cause I’ll be there and I’m bringing a friend.”

“My husband said, I don’t know what you guys do there, but you can go as often as you want! LOL”

“I’ve never laughed so hard and felt so comfortable around women I’ve just met in…well, forever!  Thank you, I needed that!”

“Your light is magnetic.  That’s a gift.  Your gift.  God Bless You.”

“It was so nice to meet other women who had experienced what I’m going through.  I felt like someone finally understood me.”

“Attending your event left me feeling 1. Validated 2. Creative 3.  Inspired.  I can’t wait to take my project to another level!”

“Thank you.  Just Thank YOU!!!”

“Wow, I feel like I just found a whole new group of friends! As if we’ve known one another for years! Where does THAT happen?!?” 🙂

“There is a warmth, a feeling of acceptance that I feel every time I come to your event.  I can’t even begin to tell you what it has done for my spirit.  Your light shines bright.”